Special machines for the food industry

PROCONCEPT can study, design and manufacture special machines custom-made to suit your specific needs.


Its experience in custom machines and in the food-processing business endows PROCONCEPT with the know-how to offer technical solutions that are reliable, efficient and compatible with current hygiene and food safety regulations.

Special machine for the food industry


For these custom machines, PROCONCEPT guarantee 

  • Your specific objectives and constraints fully taken into account.
  • Reliability and efficiency of the technical solutions proposed.
  • Complete integration of the equipment into your existing production lines.
  • Compliance with current food hygiene and safety requirements.
  • Taking into account everyday operations and maintenance issues.
  • Ongoing after-sales service and technical assistance.


It is the approach followed by PROCONCEPT throughout the process which allows to lead to the taking into account of all parameters of the project.

Proconcept particular way of driving the conception  and production of a special machine


Some examples below of realization of special machines:

Proconcept special  machine example 1 Proconcept special machine example 2
 Proconcept special machine example 3  Proconcept special machine example 4