3D Recognition module for smoked salmon slicer

The 3D recognition module was developed to optimise the performance and simplify control of the salmon slicer  TN200 V364.

It can be added to the TN200 V364 slicer, even if already installed. Depending on the age of the unit, a component upgrade may be required.

Proconcept 3D recognition module for smoked salmon slicer TN200

Connected to the TN200 V364 salmon slicer, the 3D vision module :

  • removes the need to create or update the slicing program library ;
  • increases the slices percentage obtained from the target.


The weight and shape of each fillet are taken into account by the calculation system to create a slicing program (angles and thicknesses) appropriate to the previously entered product specifications (target weight and thickness of the slices).

the smoked salmon fillet is scanned in order to know its specific shape

Individual slicing programs for each type of raw material and finished product (creation of multiple programs, updates, etc.) are replaced by a simple library of finished products with their specifications.

 Each slicing program is adapted to the specific shape and weight of the fillet


The 3D recognition module is controlled via the touch screen of the salmon slicer TN 200 V364.

The 3D recognition module is generally installed within the framework of an operation on line supplements with a batching module DDV 400.

A complete and automatic Proconcept line for smoked salmon: 3D+slicer+batching unit+peripherics equipment

In this case it is also connected with other equipment of the line, in particular the dynamic scales.