Conveyor equipment and workstations

PROCONCEPT manufactures various conveyors and workstations to optimise your performances:

  • Reduced number of stations
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced physical strain
  • Reduced manual handling for better hygiene
Proconcept double conveyor

All the equipment are designed with the same consideration for robustness, ease of maintenance and reduced sanitary risks.

Working closely with our customer enables us to validate the suitability of the solutions proposed and, if necessary, to define any required modifications.

This equipment can be supplied for integration with existing PROCONCEPT machinery or for any other project.

Proconcept design standards for hygienic purpose Conveyor details
The equipment are designed to avoid retention of water. The solidity and the cleanup of the structures are optimized.
Proconcept transitic equipment Proconcept transitic equipment
All the conveyors are provided with systems of fast slackening. The profile of the frames is generally in a "C" form to facilitate the removal of the belts.
Proconcept transitic equipment Proconcept transitic equipment
Example of a double conveyor specifically studied. Example of a conveyor with a connection allowing to serve 2 thermoforming machines : mixed, adjustable and mobile !
Proconcept transitic equipment Proconcept transitic equipment
Model of a 2 ways vertical diverger with his tables of resumption of non conformity. Detail of the work stations related to the vertical diverger.
Proconcept transitic equipment  Proconcept transitic equipment
Lifting conveyor integrated in an automatic system supplying fish fillets at the exit of a tunnel. Air conveyor located following to the previous one and allowing to supply the slicers.