Proconcept DDV 400 automatic batching module for smoked fish slices automatic packing

Located post-slicing, the DDV 400 module produces batches of slices with a fixed weight and/or a fixed number of slices.

Each station can produce a specific work : type of slices which will be stopped, plate sizes, batches characteristics.



All the slices coming from the slicer will be processed by the DDV 400 module at an instant speed of 200 slices/min.

The DDV 400 module is also able to work with a chronologic order to obtain presliced fillets reconstitution.


Proconcept complete automatic line for smoked salmon, smoked trout and other smoked fishes

The DDV module can exist with two versions of the exhausting conveyor : Right or Left.

If needed, for small units with few slices for example, the DDV module can include 13 stations (DDV 400/13).


A compact version (DDV 400/10 C) with shorter stations is also available in case of space constraints. On this version, the maximum length of the cardboards is reduced down to 250 mm.


PROCONCEPT offers complete production line solutions integrating:

Many configurations can be studied to find the best solution regarding the producer specificities: 

 Different configurations for Proconcept  automatic smoked salmon line

Salmon slices on plates on Proconcept DDV 400 smoked salmon automatic batching unit The Proconcept batching module can denester different sizes of plates

DDV 400 module allows the constitution of UVC for constant or variable weight and number of slices fixed or variable. The presentation can also be programmed.

The cardboards are depilated automatically on each station. The denester can be easily and individually adjusted without tools.

Proconcept automatic batching unit for smoked salmon includes a variable number of stations   Denesters of Proconcept automatic batching module for smoked salmon are very easy to adjust to small or large plates

The selected slices
are positioned automatically
on the cardboards.                                                               
Each station can be affected
with a different product

Specific devices to the very small plates can be set up easily.