Our values

Pre-project support

We aim to understand the needs and constraints of our customers as closely as possible in order to accurately define all aspects of the project.

An initial phase is conducted at the customer’s premises and with all stakeholders, to define the specific characteristics of the customer’s process, taking into account any installation constraints and future evolutions.


Complete and detailed taking into account of special features

Custom solutions

We are then able to define “custom” solutions, integrating standard equipment, either from PROCONCEPT or other manufacturers.

Specific equipment can be specially designed for the project : transfer conveyors, workstations, etc.

Proconcept customised solutions  

Manufacturing quality

 Whether the equipment is standard or specially made for the project, it is designed and manufactured to the same quality standards in force in the food industry :

  • robust, 
  • easy to clean and maintain,
  • long-lasting.


 Proconcept equipment are robust, easy to clean

Day-to-day service

PROCONCEPT supplies spare parts for all the equipment it sells, including for previous models.

PROCONCEPT provides telephone support free of charge.

Our technicians carry out  assistance mission on request wherever our customer is located. They speak English, German and Spanish.

We also offer annual maintenance contracts, remote support, ...

Finally, we offer training for production and maintenance teams when the equipment is installed and later for updates.

 Proconcept services are adapted to each client needs

A long-term partnership

The quality of the relationship with our customers and the reliability of our equipment enable us to establish genuine partnerships to support our customers in their long-term development.


 Proconcept clients partnership